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We would like to thank all our clients for their patience and support in following the new rules and regulations that we had to implement for the time of COVID-19.

As long as we are open, our staff and clients' safety will always be our number one priority.

We would like to inform you that inside of our clinic we are practicing all the infection prevention guidelines and protocols, including:​

  • sanitization and disinfection routines 

  • our staff has Infection Prevention training

  • we keep up with the AHS updates and adjust as we go

  • wearing a mask is optional 

  • we ask our clients to arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before their appointments

  • we go as paperless as possible

  • we practice physical distancing rules in the waiting and reception areas as well as in the hallways

For your convenience, our clinic has sinks in every treatment room, as well as multiple sanitization stations.

We can't wait to see you!

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