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Meet Our Team:


Liliya Clinton, the owner of Helga's Massage and Wellness Clinic, has been a registered massage therapist since 2007. She obtained 2200 hours diploma from Alberta Institute of Massage in Red Deer.

She is constantly looking for the opportunities in professional development by taking various courses, attending NHPC conferences, and networking with other professionals in health industry.  Over the past 14 years she has taken such courses like relax and deep tissue, cranio sacral and visceral manipulation, joint mobilization, prenatal massage, infant and children massage, just to name few.

One of her favourite modalities are cupping and myofascial release techniques. She performs variety of massages from light pressure treatments to deep tissue.

Liliya's career path started at the massage clinic, continued at the chiropractor's office, and now her passion in taking care of people, their emotional and physical state, led her to open Helga's Massage and Wellness Clinic. The clinic got its name thanks to Liliya's clients who called her Helga for years for her deep tissue massages. In addition to the nickname, Helga's stands for:

Healing, Energy, Laughter, Generosity, Awareness, Strength, which represents clinic's vision.

Speaking about laughter, Liliya strongly believes that one minute of laughter prolongs your life by extra 15 minutes. So, don't be surprised if you may be laughing once or twice throughout your deep tissue treatment.


Joanne Cox has been a registered massage therapist for almost eight years. She previously worked at Safari Spa and Salon and before that in a Medi Spa in Sylvan Lake. Being able to help others and better their quality of life is a passion of hers. Even before she became a massage therapist, she had always worked hands-on with people in the healthcare industry.


Joanne attended Alberta Institute of Massage where she graduated with her 2200 hours two-year diploma program. A few types of massage she offers, but not limited to, are relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, child massage, prenatal, hot stone and Thai massage. Joanne continuously takes new courses to stay current with the massage industry and learns new techniques.


A little more about her: she is married and have two adorable Chihuahuas, currently living in Blackfalds and have lived in Central Alberta for almost 13 years.

Our DMO and RMT, Chance Andersen, has been practicing massage therapy and manual osteopathy for almost ten years now. He has successfully graduated from Northern Institute of Massage (Red Deer, AB) and National Academy of Osteopathy (Toronto, Ontario) in order to follow his childhood dream and strong calling to help people overcome chronic pain and discomfort. He really enjoys seeing people getting better.

Chance’s modalities are as follows: light to deep tissue massage techniques, manual osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, laser therapy, prenatal massage and relaxation techniques.

Chance is looking forward to taking courses in dynamic cupping and lymphatic drainage.


Chance’s favourite phrase is: “If you say you can, or you say you can’t, you’re right.”

Since Jade David was a little girl, she had an ambitions vision of becoming a massage therapist as her dream career. In May 2018 Jade graduated 2200 hours diploma program with honours at Alberta Institute of Massage, Red Deer. During post graduation she got a wonderful opportunity to start off strong through working at Milestones Massage Co. here, in Red Deer, where she learned new skill sets, gained hands-on experience, and professionalism. Jade is thrilled to say that she has met her goal and now striving for new challenges and changes as a therapist.

Jade has an incredible passion for helping her clients relax, heal and recover, and would love to be a part of your wellness regimen. Jade has a firm pressure with a smooth, even flow. She utilizes techniques to stretch the muscle fibres when and if needed to enhance muscle relaxation, range of motion, and rehabilitation. Jade performs a combination of Myofascial release, PNF stretching, and traditional Swedish massage techniques during her treatments. She strives to customize each treatment to fit individual needs. Experienced in pre & postnatal massage, cupping therapy, relaxation and therapeutic treatments. She continues to expand her training in different modalities to offer clients a wider range of treatments. Jade believes massage therapy is beneficial for everyone, and is looking forward to be a part of your wellness experience today.


Deah Jones, Registered Massage Therapist.

You’ll likely find out that she has a positive contagious energy, with a fresh cup of giggles and dad jokes occasionally.

She loves being passionate about her job, and compassionate for every person that visits.

She has been practicing massage therapy since 2016, and it’s truly made such a phenomenal impact on her life and others.

She specialises in chronic back pain, pre and post hip surgery recovery, as well as continuously looking for new conditions to work on.

Outside of her work hours, she enjoys visiting with her friends, makes new food to share, and has a deep love for travelling.


Nataliya Armstrong is a Registered Massage Therapist with 2200h Advanced Diploma with Honour. She graduated from Alberta Institute of Massage in January 2022 and is a member in good standing with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada since May 2020.

Nataliya is certified in therapeutic, relaxation, prenatal, sports massages as well as cupping and foot reflexology which she is really passionate about.

She believes that Massage Therapy is a part of an active lifestyle and a great way to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.


Josie Pinto's passion for massage therapy began with her love for fitness. Some years ago, Josie dedicated her time to running, kettlebell and cross fit training.

She has successfully completed two half marathons and multiple obstacle races, this intense training came with body aches, and some much needed self-care.

She used yoga, foam rolling and massage therapy as forms of treatment to relieve her muscle pain.

Fascinated by the structure and the mechanics of the human body, she chose to begin the study of Massage Therapy in April of 2020. She graduated from the Alberta Collage of Massage Therapy in Red Deer with honors in July of 2022. She uses a variety of techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and passive/active stretching to ensure the treatment reduces pain and improves quality of life.

Josie enjoys spending quality time with her children, being in the sun, going for hikes, camping and baking sweet treats.


Liudmyla Martynova is a Registered Massage Therapist who successfully graduated from Massage Therapy Program with 2200 hr Diploma.


Helping others improve their physical fitness, manage pain, reduce stress, and boost wellness is her credo for life. For this reason, Liudmyla previously graduated from Odessa National Medical University of Ukraine with a Pharmacy Analyst Degree. For this same reason Liudmyla chose her new career path as a Massage Therapist and she believes that her knowledge and skills will contribute greatly into wellbeing of her clients and community she lives in.


Liudmyla’s modalities are relaxation, therapeutic and deep tissue massage, as well as cupping and face massage. She is continuously learning and mastering new techniques, so stay tuned for updates on treatment types and modalities from Liudmyla.


Amelia Seaton is an RMT who has been registered with her practice through Natural Health Practitioners of Canada since 2006.

Amelia loves massages and the natural approach to heal peoples mind and bodies with great knowledge from modalities and various courses that she has taken through the years. Her modalities include, but not limited to cupping, hot stone therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, reiki, chakra balancing and other energy healing work.

Amelia is a great mother and adores all of her children who she loves spending time with while teaching them about homesteading and life in general. She also loves hiking, gardening and growing her own food. Amelia is a student in Herbology and loves working with plants.

Amelia is a people person who loves positive interactions and always looking forward to meeting new people and establishing good relationships. 

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